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Partner Announcement: California Retailers Association

We are proud to announce the partnership between California Retailers Association and the White Label World Expo Las Vegas - we gladly aim for this partnership to highlight the vital role the retail industry plays in a healthy market, both in online selling and brick-and-mortar locations.

We at the White Label Expo recognize the importance of the retail industry as the driving force of economic development. Having a network of professionals within the industry is key to developing success in all aspects of the retail industry, from manufacturing to distribution and even the development of customer loyalty. We hope that The White Label Expo can serve as a place where business owners and ambitious entrepreneurs truly understand the value that the overall retail industry has on business success in a time where selling and branding have evolved beyond the store shelf.

“I’m thrilled with the efforts of the California Retailers Association and how much they can provide for professionals starting out in the retail industry, ” notes Marketing Manager Trevor Mlot. “I am sure this partnership will flourish to give both the event and the association in bridging the gap between eCommerce and product branding with the overall retail industry.”

We look forward to supporting the California Retailers Association with its ongoing objective to support a growing effort in developing California’s consumers, economy and jobs, and we welcome its members and associates to our event.

If you would like to find out more about California Retailers Association, please check out their website here. If you would like to Register For a Free Ticket to The White Label Expo, you can do so here.