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White Label Trade Show Returns to New York

In 2024, the White Label World Expo will be returning to the Javits Center in New York. The event will be focused on the practice of white-labeling products for eCommerce businesses, with showcases from over 200 speakers and 400 exhibitors. Across four theaters, a product sourcing trail, an E-Market Research Hub, and various other features, visitors will be able to learn from and network with countless fellow industry professionals.

The event will span two days across May 30th and 31st at the Javits Center, beginning at 10 am and closing at 4 pm each day. With transport links from every angle in New York, it’s expected to attract thousands of attendees from within the city and beyond.

This year’s expo will be a venue for collaboration, education, and sales, with hundreds of exhibitors bringing a wide range of white-label products to sell and share with visitors. The New York trade show will also play host to over two hundred speeches and seminars, including keynote speakers from industry powerhouse brands such as Alibaba, Meta, Wayfair, among many others. 

With an expansive product sourcing trail, the Javits Center trade show will offer showcasing time and space for a wide variety of industries. Visitors will be put face to face with everything from health & beauty products, CBD products, food & drink and everything in between.

Alongside the physical showings of products, the expo will also be focused on the more strategic elements of business operations. The event’s ‘E-Market Research Hub’ is a more digitally-focused section of the festivities, emphasizing the importance of internet literacy in the eCommerce landscape. The space will also be a venue for various networking areas, allowing professionals to build connections and talk shop. 

Also taking place will be the event’s own yearly Innovation Awards ceremony, to celebrate brands that have made particular achievements in the eCommerce industry in the last year. The awards themselves will be the Innovative Product of The Year and the Leading Manufacturer Award. 

The White Label World Expo is once again being put together by Fortem International, an award-winning organizer of global trade exhibitions, including global iterations of this same show and many more. Fortem has headquarters in the UK but operates in offices all around the world, establishing a strong name in the industry for developing a wide range of popular international trade shows.

While this trade show specializes in white-label products, Fortem hosts over 35 global events, encompassing Customer Experience, Technology, Disaster Relief, Retail, Leisure, Farming, Hospitality, Food & Drink, and many other sectors.

White Label World Expo 2024 will be considered an essential stop for many professionals based in New York and beyond.