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How quality product photos produce profit

Creating content is just as much about your customer's emotional journey as it is about the all-important purchase. If you can create visuals that make your customers feel something, you can nail the journey and the purchase before your customer gets a chance to glance at your product's description. Here are 3 things quality product photos can do for your business:


Create a consistent brand identity & purpose

When it comes to product photos, it’s important to make a great first impression. Customers make up their minds about everything during that crucial first glance at your image, from the quality of your products to the legitimacy of your business.

Using an image to give your customers a warm, fuzzy feeling is great, but customers don’t just buy products—they buy brand experiences. Your aim should be to build an exceptional experience that establishes trust between your company and your customer, and that experience begins with an abundance of great visuals.

Consistently fantastic photos will make your customers fall in love (and stay in love) with your company, and repeat business can mean the difference between big revenue and super-mega-huge revenue. Trust us—investing in an arsenal of stellar visuals will bring you lifelong customers.


Make your brand more visible

You know what you’re selling. You wrote your product descriptions. Your website and your socials are ready to go. But when it comes to your online presence, there are some best practices to consider—and having high-quality images is a big one.

For starters, high-quality images are just plain likable. When people see beautiful, bright, stylized photos, they’re way more likely to navigate to your site. A study by research labs highlighted 3 facts about the impact of high-quality photos in eCommerce:

1. High-quality images were correlated with more successful sellers.

2. Listing with just one image had 2x the conversion rates of listings with zero images.

3. The rates from #2 doubled again when listings had two images instead of one.

The probability of profit will increase like crazy when you have multiple, high-quality product photos. When Google crawls your site looking for reasons to help you shine, it’ll see that traffic and those photos. This leads to more traffic, which leads to more customers. Simple as that.


Help customers understand your product

Customers think about a lot of things when planning to buy. What does the product do? How will it fit into my hand? Into my bag? Into my life? They’re looking for the answers in your product descriptions and—get this—in your photos! In a study by BigCommerce and Square, 49% of responders said that their least favorite part of online shopping was not being able to touch or try the products.

Having a variety of photos to showcase your product’s attributes is key. Here are some options to add variety to your visuals:

 Get strategic with your backdrop

Product-on-white is an industry-standard. Bright colors and lifestyle backdrops are industry standouts. Get creative! Use high-contrast colors, or try lifestyle sets, like a bathroom, a living room, or a kitchen. Instead of just thinking about what’s required to get your product out there, think about what’s important to sell your product.

 Try a themed set

New content isn’t just important at launch. As your business goes through new seasons of growth, so will the world. New seasons, holidays, and trends are excellent frames through which to think about how you’ll refresh content across different mediums. These sets bring timeliness and relevance to your product pages, social media, and site in a way that gets your customers excited about buying.

 Add a model

As they shop your pages, customers try to imagine how your product will improve their life. The best way to help them picture it is to put it on an actual human. Clothing, of course, is where we typically see this—but other products should absolutely get in on this storytelling party. Hand models are excellent for showcasing how a product fits in a hand. Full-body models show how a customer might interact with a physical product. An animal model can bring a photo to life by helping customers see how products might interact with or benefit their best bud. (Also, they’re very cute.)


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