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CBD & Hemp Wholesaler of the Year Award Winner!

This Award goes to a wholesaler in the world of CBD & Hemp who is innovating and transforming the industry by offering the highest quality product at an extremely profitable price. The winning company will be a supplier who is seen as a leader in the industry, renowned also for excellent service and knowledge.

We would like to congratulate the award winner Holi Hemp!


Holi Hemp is a research base white label, private label, and bespoke manufacturer in GMP facilities for hemp-based pharmaceuticals and wellness solutions. Our unique portfolio of premium CBD products ranges from bulk CBD, beauty & skincare, and health & wellness. To date, our team has been awarded some patents. We have expertise in formulation, design, manufacturing, and logistics.

Holibrands have ready to sell Hemp infused brands from skincare products that fly off the shelves, tinctures that redefine wellness, seltzer water, and high-vibration libations. Holi Hemp / HoliBrands has a lineup of groundbreaking CBD-infused brands. All products are backed by science.


Check out their website here!