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Why Vitabot’s New RocketOS is Totally Redefining Customer Experience.

Vitabot is best known for its private label, subscription-based nutrition programs that allow business owners to download the private labeled app directly from their website and mark it using their own company name and logo so they can brand our offerings as their own.

Vitabot has been helping people of all age groups and genders through our nutrition and coaching solutions for over 19 years. And as we continue to remain committed to constantly providing the most effective and advanced tools to achieve micro and macronutrient balance, we developed a new cutting-edge RocketOS that is designed to shift the focus toward increasing your revenue exponentially through an improved and personalized customer experience!

How It All Started
Vitabot Founder and CEO, Joe Graves served as a lead engineer for the advanced space robot Ranger NBV at NASA between 1990 to 2003. His tasks in support of the robotic mission consequently required him to reach and maintain a certain level of physical fitness and nutrition. This personal requirement inspired him to spearhead a spin-off technology that uses advanced mathematical methods to routinely summarize thousands of the world's top nutrition researchers' findings through the Institute of Medicine and create a program that will quickly apply the full benefits of these findings to our everyday lives.

This unique combination of nutrition and robotics gave birth to Vitabot, which focuses on complete, balanced nutrition rather than simply measuring calories. This specific approach gives a new perspective on how we look at foods. Moreover, it makes our fitness journey easier and more pleasant because the way the app is designed generates meal plans from your personalized lists of favorite foods and builds adaptability to its user so you can still get the needed micronutrients even when presented with surprises of real life.

The New RocketOS
This new and exciting system is rapidly stretching in the health club industry because of its new feature that makes client engagement faster and better. It allows smooth and open involvement keeping customers accountable all the time. Vitabot crafted new ways to improve online customer engagement to create the best experience for your clients. From small training studios and resellers to large fitness chains or boot camps, our customizable member experiences will ensure additional clients for your business and establish long-term client relationships. On top of all these, this powerful upgrade also comes with more user-friendly interfaces to make it more accessible and easier to navigate.

Tapping Into the Corporate Wellness
Since 2003, Vitabot's online meal planning has revolutionized health and wellness because of how efficient and effective the online program is. As there is no personal interpretation of the nutritional data when communicated directly to the user, the results are always presented as unbiased truths revealing the exact nutritional knowledge we need to obtain the micronutrients that the body may be lacking. This is the very reason why Vitabot has been trusted by some of the largest and most notable companies in the world like the Warner Brothers Studio, Air Force bases, Personal Training Boutiques, Fitness Influencers, and many

Vitabot has not only taken flight with nutrition, but it also paved the way to what most of us have not been privileged to experience - achieving fitness the natural way.