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Travis J. Stockman: Speaking at the White Label World Expo New York

Travis J. Stockman

Attorney - The Law Office of Travis J. Stockman Esq.

Understanding Intellectual Property on Amazon

This seminar will provide e-commerce resellers and private label sellers an opportunity to understand how intellectual property is applied on the Amazon platform. In doing so, the seminar will be broken down into three primary topics. This will include (1) ways to avoid intellectual property issues on Amazon; (2) ways to resolve intellectual property on Amazon; and (3) what to do when a baseless intellectual property complaint has been received.

Amazon resellers run the risk of receiving intellectual property complaints on a daily basis, even when they sell genuine items. While the First Sale Doctrine of the United States does provide some protection to resellers, there is an exception to this law which can eliminate the protections offered and subject these resellers to liability for infringement. Understanding how this works will allow resellers to identify and avoid these situations before they occur. Alternatively, in developing a brand, private label sellers always run the risk that their product may infringe upon a trademark, patent or copyright. These private labels must apply a strong due diligence in researching any existing rights before producing and offering a product into the stream of commerce. The first segment of this seminar will provide methods which can be used to help these resellers and private label sellers avoid any intellectual property issues.

Next, the seminar will provide informative information on what to do when an infringement report, cease and desist, or lawsuit has already been received. Many sellers are past the point of avoidance and may find themselves subject to an allegation of infringement. From appealing to Amazon, obtaining a retraction, or entering into an agreement with the rights owners, Mr. Stockman will be discussing various ways to resolve such issues for Amazon sellers.

The final segment of this seminar will discuss what remedies are available when there has been a baseless allegation of infringement. Far too often, bad actors will use the report infringement system for unlawful purposes such as eliminating competition or to simply harm another brand. What sellers may not realize is that there are various potential causes of action which they may assert to remedy any damages sustained and more importantly ensure the baseless intellectual property complaint has no negative effect on their ability to sell on Amazon. From compelling non cooperative or non-responsive complainants to retract a complaint to filing lawsuits in order to claim damages for wrongful complaints already filed, this segment will provide sellers with several potential resolutions in the event they are faced with a baseless complaint and non-cooperative complainant.

About Travis J. Stockman

Travis Stockman is an attorney licensed in New York with a focus on both real property and intellectual property. He has been licensed to practice law for over two years with an overall 11 plus years in private sector law experience. With his experience, he’s able to provide professionals with the utmost in litigation advocacy. Mr. Stockman has resolved hundreds of intellectual property disputes and maintains a unique knowledge regarding the application of intellectual property on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. He has helped ecommerce sellers navigate online platforms such as Amazon while ensuring they are in full compliance with the intellectual property laws of the United States. In addition to ensuring account compliance, Mr. Stockman handles trademark and copyright registrations and offers various protections for private labels sellers. Mr. Stockman been involved with law for more than a third of his entire life and takes pride in the legal services he provides. It is not just a job, but a
passion to assist e-commerce sellers with their legal needs.