Rob Neumann

Chief Digital Officer  -  CSS Commerce

The 3 most important decisions you can make for 2023 eCommerce: Platform, Changing the Customer Experience, & Supply Chain Visibility

2022 has been challenging to say the least. This talk is about what you can do that will change 2023 and overcome the challenges we’ve faced in e-commerce. Opportunities here will differentiate you from your competition and give you competitive advantages. You should attend this talk if you’ve had any of these issues that you need to fix: Improving prospect retention on your site, you have complex products that are hard to find, your system is getting slow or isn’t keeping up on mobile, or you’ve had supply chain disruptions and it’s hard to sell what you don’t have.

With case studies, industry information, and years of experience, Rob will share how to overcome these problems and more on the 3 most important considerations of your eCommerce for 2023. Whether you are in marketing, product management, or IT – this talk is for you. CSS Commerce are specialists in fixing problems for customers and radically transforming digital innovation for online shopping.

This is a talk that is practical. It uses case studies to guide the discussion and provides some laughter and smiles along the way.


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