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CannIntelligence provides impartial, independent and premium market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the cannabis sector worldwide.

- Get valuable insights on the international market landscape for cannabis including market trends, product categories, key players, detailed pricing and competitor analysis.
- Understand how the development of cannabis markets globally and the impact of market and regulatory changes may affect your business to optimise your company strategy.
- Reduce business risks by keeping up with product-specific legal requirements and regulatory obligations across international jurisdictions.

Providing all the data in one online platform reduces the amount of time and money spent monitoring the sector for multiple international markets.

Our global perspective on the international cannabis sector offers you key data such as market trends, key players, regulatory obligations and industry dynamics. You will also have access to:

- Competitor intelligence, pricing, distribution and detailed market data.
- Industry updates and news analysis including our expert insights.
- Legal and regulatory analysis included in our in-depth reports.
- Regular updates delivered directly to your inbox to make sure you don’t miss any important changes in the industry.

CannIntelligence’s team is made up of lawyers, economists and journalists. The team is based in London, Barcelona and New York, and enhanced by correspondents and contributors from around the world.