Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Stand Number: 1542

The Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2016 and has since seen rapid expansion throughout the United States; forming state-by-state chapters connecting, supporting, and educating women across the nation.The WCCC's mission is to move entrepreneurs beyond empowerment into powerful result-driven career strategies, CEO positions, and business ownership; while providing resources, education, and support for financial success and expansion. Building on the foundation of generations of women who changed history, The WCCC provides courses, monthly and quarterly networking events, access to recruiters, introductions to accredited investors, and more while promoting an inclusive community that cultivates an environment for an equitable future. Whether you're attending our virtual panels or forming genuine connections at our quarterly Blunts & Brunch events, you are bound to find new passions and drive that propel you into a world of support and success.