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Vitamin and Supplement Contract Manufacturer NutraPak USA Moves into New 100,000 Square Foot Facility

This blog was provided by Nutrapak USA.


NutraPak USA, an Icelandirect company, specializes in vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing
is pleased to announce an expansion of its operations.
The expansion includes a new 100,000 square foot facility that houses all manufacturing and office
personal in one location.

The new facility will allow NutraPak USA to better serve its clients by providing even faster turnaround
and offering new in-house services. The increased space also greatly increases the amount of raw
material inventory at NutraPak USA, reducing lead times.

CEO Brandon Miller was very excited about the move and how will impact clients, “This is a big day for
NutraPak USA and our clients. Once all manufacturing lines are up and running, we will be able to
reduce turnaround time and quadruple our output from 2021, meeting all our current and future clients’

As part of the expansion, a softgel manufacturing line is being added and should be operational in Q3 or
Q4 of 2022. The ability to produce softgels in-house will see client turnaround times reduced by up to
half. It will also allow NutraPak USA to offer a far greater array of softgel encapsulated products.
Rajae El Temawi, company CFO knows the importance of providing softgels to clients, “As the demand
for custom softgels grows, we want to provide our current and new clients with the flexibility they
require. With supply chain issues continuing to persist, we want to insulate ourselves and our clients as
much as possible.”