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How Vaccination Affected the E-Commerce Logistics of the US

(Image Source: Parcel Monitor

COVID has affected the e-commerce logistics in places like Europe and Australia, but did that change after vaccination roll outs? 

Our media partner, Parcel Monitor and their in-house data team compared two different periods: pre-vaccination period (H2 2020) and post-vaccination (H1 2021) against the changes in e-commerce logistics for the US.

Who knew that increased vaccination rates would have an impact on e-commerce logistics? 

  1. Brick-and-mortar stores in the US are seeing an increase in foot traffic 

  2. Same delivery ratio in the US have dipped post-vaccination 

  3. Growth in percentage of parcels being delivered to collection points post-vaccination

Want to find out the correlation between e-commerce logistics and increased vaccination rates in the US? Read the full report on Parcel Monitor now!