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Sponsor Highlight: Empire Flippers

We at The White Label World Expo are proud to announce Empire Flippers as event sponsors!

Empire Flippers is a leader in providing a curated marketplace for buying and selling online businesses. The team behind Empire Flippers is built of dedicated individuals who pride themselves on a comprehensive process to help their clients purchase and sell over $200 million dollars worth of companies.

Amazon FBA and eCommerce businesses have grown to a massive volume in the marketplace despite a multitude of varying business models. The experience provided is ensured to be one hundred percent secure and reliable, with businesses sold at an international level. Empire Flippers secured 110 deals worth over $60 million in 2020 alone. Their immense success within the industry is prominent and only increasing as eCommerce grows throughout the years.

As a winner of the Inc 5,000 award four years in a row along with winning four International Business Brokers Association Awards, Empire Flippers is made of industry professionals, entrepreneurs and investors passionate about helping others accomplish their goals. Learn more about our incredible show sponsor at the White Label Expo in September! Register for your free ticket here!