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Sponsor Highlight: Elevate Brands

We at The White Label World Expo are proud to announce Elevate Brands as event sponsors!

There are thousands of brands selling on Amazon and the potential for success within this marketplace is enormous - if you know how to effectively capitalize on the opportunity. Elevate Brands are specialists in elevating consumer-leading Amazon brands to their fullest potential. Whether you are looking to sell your business outright or looking for an expert partner, Elevate Brands can help.

There is no worry about leaving your business in the wrong hands as the entire team behind Elevate Brands are entrepreneurs who fully understand the importance of your business. With over 8,000 product SKUs, they have successfully achieved 200% average growth post-acquisition.

Ryan Gnesin, founder and CEO of Recom Brands, has established himself and his company as leading industry experts, having been featured in Forbes, Bright Ideas, Marketplace Pulse, and Digital Commerce 360. In his podcast, “How to Achieve Max Growth On Amazon & Set Up A Profitable Exit”, Ryan discusses how him and his team at Elevate Brands have unlocked the secrets to maximize business growth.

Ryan says, “eCommerce is like a tidal wave, you are just going to go figure out how to build a big enough surfboard to ride that wave. And so we’ve pivoted a couple of times to get there, but now we feel like we’ve really sort of landed on a very sustainable strategy that we’re very excited about.”

You can network with the team behind Elevate Brands and learn more about their leading growth and acquisition strategies at the White Label World Expo this September! Be sure to secure your free tickets today!