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CanaQuest Medical Corp Introduction

CanaQuest (OTC: CANQF) is a publicly traded Life Science/Pharmaceutical Company developing proprietary Medical products utilizing cannabinoid molecules and other pharmaceutical grade botanical compounds for the treatment of numerous mental health issues.

The Company is the industry partner for research and product development with Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor and neuroscientist, and his 13-member scientific team at Western University, London, Ontario Canada.

CanaQuest Proprietary Products:

1) Mentanine® - Omega 3/CBD Formula. Pre-clinical trials highlighted advantages over every CBD product on the market today, including FDA-approved Epidiolex. (Provisional Patent filed). Epidiolex treats a rare form of epilepsy, which affects 1.2% of the population.

2) Mentabinol® - THC isolate/L-Theanine formula, is the only safer alternative medication to any THC products on the market, including FDA-approved Sativex. (International Patent filed).


1. Mentanine®, CanaQuest’s scientifically developed formulation (10X efficacy), is designed to follow the same pathway as GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, a $3 Billion company. Epidiolex, developed by GW Pharma and approved by the US FDA, generated first year revenue of $290 Million.

2. CanaQuest’s Subsidiary, ADC BioMedical Corp, was awarded a Health Canada licence to sell, import and export cannabis and cannabinoid products for Medical purposes.

3. The Company has initiated the process to obtain approval for a Drug Identification Number “DIN” from the US FDA and Health Canada (regulatory pathway already mapped out – approval anticipated within two years).

4. CanaQuest won the Go Global Awards (2019) "Business of the Year – Category of Life Science,” presented by the International Trade Council.

5. e-commerce site is now ready to sell products to Canadian-based registered patients.


Our co-founders previously founded and built Cymat Technologies, which was listed on the TSE with a valuation greater than $150 million when they resigned. Collectively, CanaQuest’s team has more than 150 years of experience in management, product development, processing, and commercialization. We are currently developing our Scientific and Marketing Advisory Boards. 


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