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These hands-on courses are designed to give you practical knowledge that can be applied to your business growth. Masterclasses allow you to apply the latest solutions to real-world industry scenarios. From the possibilities of learning new platforming tactics to increasing your selling potential, attendees to White Label World Expo masterclasses will be armed with the know-how to take their online selling and branding abilities to the next level.

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B2C eCommerce- Benefits and Best Practices

Shopping through digital channels is one of the most favored activities in the world today, and shipping orders directly to consumers is growing. You have probably heard shipping directly to consumers, but what does that mean and what are the ends and outs?

As an attendee, you will learn about eCommerce B2C shipments from an international perspective. By explaining the benefits of shipping direct to consumers, the importance of eCommerce packaging, the difference between postal carriers and couriers, and cross-border customs and compliance, our BoxC experts will leave attendees with a richer understanding of B2C E-commerce shipments.

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Extraction and Analysis of Hemp Products

The hemp and CBD industry is growing and yet the primary tools for knowing about the extraction, testing and formulation of products is a mystery to many people. How is the hemp plant extracted? Where can you find conferences that are truly focused on scientific information? This will be covered by an internationally recognized expert in extraction.

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Forecasting with ex-Amazonians and Setting Your Business up for Sale

As a team of ex-Amazonians, we have seen firsthand the struggles of building a successful Amazon FBA business. Inventory management and demand planning are some of the most challenging aspects of managing your business. They are also a meaningful part of a comprehensive strategy to consistently increase revenues for your business, which will eventually position your business well for sale.

Join our class to get an inside look into how Amazon's Retail team forecasts demand and makes inventory purchase decisions. We will work together to create a demand forecast for your business and help you understand how this impacts the acquisition process. You will walk away with a tangible deliverable that you can use in your daily business operations.

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Selling Businesses and Making Millionaires. Learn from the #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses.

Interested in selling your business? Want to buy a business?

Flippa.com is #MakingMillionaires.

Each month thousands of online business owners from all over the world choose Flippa to EXIT and ACQUIRE. In this Masterclass series we lift the lid on valuations, maximising your exit price and tips to ensure your close the deal.

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The Next Big Discovery in an Emerging Industry

In this series, you will get an in-depth look at the best practices, medicinal benefits, and molecular compounds of an emerging product - the next big discovery for our growing industry.

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The Road To Building Generational Wealth Through Your Amazon FBA Business

Elevate Brands buys, launches and operates consumer-leading Amazon brands and elevates them to their full potential. The Elevate difference is that we are Amazon experts. We started in 2016 as sellers, just like you, and understand the challenges and complexities in operating an Amazon FBA business at scale.

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The Secrets to Making Your Private Label Brand Worth More to Buyers

Selling your business is a major accomplishment for consumer goods entrepreneurs--a huge nod to the hard work you’ve put in to grow your brand into an attractive acquisition target. But what “attractive” looks like is different to each buyer. In this Thrasio Masterclass Series, attendees will learn everything it takes to grow, operate, and position your private label brand into an attractive acquisition target. From operational excellence long before you exit to organized paperwork and financials when you’re ready to talk with buyers, Thrasio experts will discuss the many things you can do to maximize your valuation and make the process run smoothly—adding up to an amazing experience that gets you to your goal.

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