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Tive helps save global shipments with hyper-accurate trackers, an application, and live monitoring team - all working together to provide a complete real-time visibility solution.

• Trackers: Hyper-accurate multi- sensor trackers capture and transmit shipment data in real time with unprecedented accuracy. Tive has the world’s first real-time 5G non-Lithium tracker that is approved on over 100+ airlines.

• Application: Tive’s intuitive cloud application puts you in charge of shipment data, real-time alerts, and actionable reports. It’s fast and easy to synchronize shipment location and condition data into your TMS, ERP using the Tive API or webhooks.
• Live monitoring: Tive’s team of logistics experts actively monitor every shipment and notify customers of shipment excursions to ensure shipments arrive on time and in full.

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