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Thumb Coast CBD is a family founded, owned and operated business. For us, family is at the core of everything that we do. Our family is the reason why we started this business, plain and simple. All of our success has only been made possible because of our family’s commitment to one another. The initial purpose of developing our products was to help our family, and that mission has grown to include helping our Thumb Coast CBD client family.

Like any family, we’ve had our highs and lows, and have experienced some intense and unique challenges. About a decade ago, we faced a family tragedy that shook us to the core. It could’ve torn us apart entirely, but for those of us who stuck together, it made us take a look at what – and who – really mattered most. Through compassion and patience, we got through it together. In fact, we learned more about the value of our relationships with each other and the importance of nurturing those relationships.

A tragedy like ours leaves scars, and not always visible ones. Though each of our experiences have been different, repercussions for us included: insomnia, PTSD, and anxiety. We’ve tried traditional pharmaceutical medication, which we found led to other undesirable symptoms and side effects, causing more harm than benefit. After diligent research and trial and error, CBD was the most effective regimen we found to manage our symptoms. It has been, as it turns out, our saving grace.

When the law was passed in the State of Michigan to legalize the growing and selling of hemp, an opportunity arose for us to manage and grow our own. We met with one another, and after an efficient and enthusiastic meeting, decided to pursue this endeavor together. Beyond the financial prospects, we saw this as a way to grow closer, and to help others in the process.

As we’ve learned more about this incredible plant and the business, we’ve heard more and more from friends who see the same need for this product. Friends with arthritis, neurological disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, and autoimmune diseases have all sought a more affordable and transparent market for CBD products. We are proud to know that we have been able to provide for that need. We know what it’s like from personal experience to need these products to live a healthy life, and we aim to help as many others access this remedy as possible.

We have been able to open three main locations where we sell Thumb Coast CBD, as well as in multiple retailers. We are thankful for the opportunity that we’ve had to share the benefits of CBD with others. We have been able to meet many individuals who have suffered as well, either physically or mentally, and are now our loyal customers and friends who are experiencing relief from their ailments due to our CBD products. We are hopeful that Thumb Coast CBD will continue to grow. Our work within our company is truly a passion, and at the core of it is helping others.

Thumb Coast CBD is a Michigan grown, family owned and operated business. We provide high quality products to our customers, which we use ourselves. We provide a wide range of products and are happy to offer free consultations to ensure that the product you purchase meets your needs. We focus on CBD education and are enthusiastic about the benefits of CBD use!

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