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Synthesit™ is a mineral with a profound effect. It is the result of many years of research and many experiments in collaboration with excellent scientists. Studies and customer surveys show numerous biological properties of Synthesit™. Synthesit™ is produced in Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Synthesit™ works as a biocatalyst of intracellular reactions which optimizes the energy state of cells and the entire body function as well. Thanks to an active iron-based cofactor, Synthesit™ uses internal resources to stimulate the processes of oxygen transport, metabolism, cell protection and regeneration at the systemic level. Enhanced efficacy of biochemical processes helps to improve wellbeing and increase both physical and mental activity. Synthesit™ increases the level of protection against free radical damage caused by stress, aging and diseases. Synthesit™ helps restore the body’s natural potential: health, energy and activity.

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