Reliable Blends

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Reliable Blends is a physician formulated line of hemp infused health & wellness product line offering everything
from pain relief creams and headache balms to tinctures, body butters and more, all designed to work in harmony
creating the all-natural solutions you have been looking for to improve your quality of life at all levels and supports
overall wellness.
Reliable Blends’ products are the result of several years of dedicated work, research and development and strategic
collaboration between physicians, pain management specialists & healthcare providers to create and deliver reliable
products that address a variety of conditions.
Reliable Blends works to solve problems that people face on a daily basis. Our main vision is to help people live their
best life. Reliable Blends Health & Wellness is not only a brand, but a lifestyle. Our products are made with integrity,
compassion and the intention they become a daily part of our customers’ self care.
Reliable Blends is a company you can trust using proven, all natural & lab tested ingredients with the addition of pure
hemp isolate. The proprietary blend of ingredients and methods maximizes absorption, functionality and relief and
the added pure hemp isolate further increases the benefits of these products now used by healthcare specialists and

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