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Nettie’s Knowledge is a multifaceted organization that has been in business since 2019. Our
company spreads knowledge, builds confidence, and promotes natural beauty. Nettie’s
Knowledge’s product line focuses on healthy and eco-friendly ingredients, which consist of all
natural, non-GMO, paraben free ingredients. All products are made with Aloe vera and essential
oils which provide nutrients for both hair and skin care, while providing a hint of aromatherapy.
Nettie’s Knowledge’s product line includes creams, oils, mists, deodorants, lip balms, lip scrubs,
sun shields and mascaras. Handmade with love and your health in mind. Not only are our
products organic but multipurpose as well. Nettie’s Knowledge’s creams, oils, mists can be used
on hair, face, and body, while the mascara can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows. Our products
can be used in whichever ways best serve you.
Nettie’s Knowledge not only care for individuals’ hair and skin, but their environment as well.
Our company focuses on glass/Eco-friendly containers, while educating and encouraging others
to join the environmentally friendly journey. Nettie’s knowledge prefer glass containers over
plastic because studies show plastic pollution causes harm to humans, animals, and plants.
Nettie's Knowledge recognized these areas of destruction and prefer to be a part of the solution.
Our company’s products have multiple benefits. For instance, Nettie’s Knowledge sun shield
focus’ on skin protection and coral reefs safety as well. Chemical compounds in some sunscreen
products can enter individuals blood streams causing health issues; also, negatively affecting
corals when individuals visit the beach. Nettie’s Knowledge sun shield does not enter peoples
blood stream nor negatively affect the coral reefs. Our company simply cares.
Nettie’s Knowledge also offers several services to meet your needs as well. The services
includes Tutoring and Test Prep, Yoga Instruction, Consultation, Occasional Child Care and
Cleaning Services. Nettie’s Knowledge provides an individualized unique experience where
individuals can strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important
learning skills. We are here to support and/or challenge individuals to the point where they
become independent thinkers and learners. Nettie’s Knowledge believes, education is something
that cannot be taken away, it’s everlasting and generational. We provide individual and/or group
session in home, virtual or by phone to comfortably explore your royal mind.
In 2020 Nettie's Knowledge connected with a non-profit, Top Lincoln Connecting Communities
to support children engagement in education, social, and economic opportunities for
underprivileged individuals in NYC and Jamaica. Nettie’s Knowledge has donated over $5,000
in clothing, books, shoes, electronic equipment, and household products. Making a

healthy/positive change for individuals and the environment play a major part in our company.
Nettie’s Knowledge has personally visited Jamaica to donate the items, thus the company was
able to incorporate Jamaican culture in their products. Nettie Knowledge has a Caribbean
Limited-Edition product that include aloe vera imported from Jamaica and more recently,
Dominican Republic.