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LIKE-Sourcing.Com – Your Eyes And ears in China As White label sellers ourselves we understand how hectic it is to Source your products from China, With Lanuguage Barrier being the least of the problem we have Trade offices on B2B Sites acting as factories in China representing the Non English-speaking Manufacturers and Charging Hefty commissions and then From Inventory inspections to freight forwarding the buyer sitting Miles away always get what are called the “Expat rates” We as bulk buyers witnessed the gap and decided to Close it with the help of a highly professional Chinese Team that consists of experienced Sourcing agents with years of experience in Direct sourcing from manufacturers and they helps us many of our clients get the “LOCAL PRICES” Like Sourcing benefits doesn’t End here As we work side by side with client from FREE Quotations to Samples, Product and Packaging design improvements to Following up on production on weekly basis, Doing INVENTORY INSPECTIONS and Finally Arranging a trustworthy Freight Forwarder on Amazing rates to ship Your Goods. For White label and private label sellers we take the pain away from Sourcing and Handle it A to Z so you can Focus on your Sales and let us take of all the hassles In sourcing So what are you waiting for, Log On to www.like-sourincg.Com and get your FREE QUOTATION Today.

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