Illumin by Acuity Ads Inc

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Our mission is to empower marketers to make smarter decisions.

What is illumin?

illumin DSP journey advertising
Our flagship platform illumin™ is challenging what it means to be a demand side platform. We don’t believe in just serving ads, but full-funnel omnichannel journey automation.

With proprietary artificial intelligence, illumin™ brings unique programmatic capabilities to connect the consumer journey and help marketers understand a consumer’s true value to their brand.

Ultimately, shrinking the path to conversion and illuminating the way to more intelligent advertising.

Our story
Founded in 2009, AcuityAds was built on the recognition that there were considerable inefficiencies in media buying. After years of successfully tackling that problem, a major disconnect in how campaigns were planned and executed became apparent. And out of that dream, illumin was born.