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Like most good businesses GEE was conceived in response to a perceived gap in the marketplace. We observed that whilst many E-commerce sellers in the US really wanted to expand into the EU they were put off by the potential issues and hurdles that needed to be overcome in order to establish themselves there. This was especially true when it came to issues surrounding their VAT taxation obligations. But more than just VAT, we are the one true stop destination for any E-Commerce Seller providing a total end to end solution where we offer, not only VAT and Tax services but also 3PL Storage and Fulfilment via our Warehouse and, E-Commerce Account Management just to mention a few. The team at Global E-Commerce Experts is comprised of a diverse group of specialists with experience in various elements of business development and expansion. Our team is made up of first-tier financial management consultants, tax advisers, bookkeeping specialists as well as branding product specialists with expertise in advertising, marketing, public relations, and social media. We have e-commerce web developers on hand as well as e-commerce agents to manage our clients’ Amazon, e-Bay, Google, and Shopify account to ensure maximum sales. We even have our team of linguistic specialists that ensure all websites, and products are translated correctly for the appropriate markets. Our custom clearance, logistics, fulfillment, and warehousing teams are always working to help our clients move their products worldwide and ensure that the various markets never sell out of their products.

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