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Formula 787 is a fully, vertically integrated white label / private label manufacturer of health and wellness products. We are committed to producing the highest quality products with our innovative formulations, production facilities and science based data. Formula787 strives for an efficient, effective and a hassle free customer experience. Our know-how is our greatest strength.
The hallmark of Formula787’s success is that our product mix includes the highest quality ingredients as well as product solutions that can create market delineators that drive sales and market recognition.
Formula787 operations are ISO 9001-2015, cGMP and Novel foods certifications. FDA registered company, #19632884180. Our commercial hemp license is OLIC #72_0018P and our hemp farm in Oregon registration #180927395.

Formula787’s diligence is what we pride ourselves in. We are dedicated to educating our clients of alternative therapeutic options to medical conditions. In addition, we are also on the forefront of alternative cannabinoids like CBN, CBDa, CBGa, D8,10, HHC and the strongest cannabinoid in the market THCP.

Additionally, our success as white label / private label specialists has resulted in our understanding that to truly serve our loyal customers with the best service, the lowest possible prices at the highest quality, we needed to offer the following:

* formulators that are specialists in the relevant product category.
* production category experts who manage / operate our production runs
* category market specialist who knows the current demands of the end user target audience as well as the dynamics of competitive landscapes and the challenges of the existing supply chain.

Formula 787 understands how competitive the market is for its customers and therefore, its laser focused on offering product solutions and responding to the ever-changing market landscape.

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