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EZCloud is a full-service software company. We offer turnkey solutions and add-ons to existing software.
We offer personalized service only attainable when working directly with the software consultant and developer. We delivered 100+ feature-packed software solutions in the last ten years.

Some of the more widely embraced programs:

  • Shipment Management

Our Shipment Tracking System is now more robust than ever! Simplify the process of tracking shipments and promptly address any issues that may arise. Handle your shipments with ease and ensure a smooth logistics workflow.

  • Price Automation Advancements

We've added new features to our Price Automation Tool! Automatically set prices below $9.99 to enroll items in the low-cost FBA fee program. Our tool can now intelligently detect WFS items and calculate the minimum with WFS fees. Enjoy greater flexibility with unique markups for Hazmat and oversized items.

  • Returns Management Excellence

Experience enhanced returns management with our tools! Seamlessly handle Amazon FBM and Walmart/WFS returns, accompanied by advanced bin tracking. Our system also supports Return to Vendor (RTV) Receiving and Processing for a comprehensive returns solution.

  • Vendor Search Tool

Introducing our Vendor Search Tool! Analyze vendor files effortlessly to identify proftable products based on your margin and matching rules. Gain valuable insights into vendor relationships and optimize your product selection strategy.

  • Reminder System

Never miss a task or meeting again with our new Reminder System! This automated virtual assistant sends timely reminders via SMS or call, ensuring you stay on top of your daily and monthly tasks. Receive a daily summary for the next day and take full control of your calendar.

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