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Yang + Yin Health is a lifestyle brand that brings balance to your life through the healing properties of matcha and was created on the principle that balance is the key to a healthy, fulfilled life. Our mission is to nourish our customers' mind, body, and soul by creating a line of products that showcase the wide array of health benefits present in the mighty camellia sinensis (green tea) plant. Matcha is the core of Yang + Yin Health, offering a tangible tool to help bring balance to your life. Our products are made with globally-sourced, all-natural ingredients and mindfully crafted to bring more balance to your wellness routine. Yang + Yin Health's USDA organic tencha matcha is grown on a family-run farm in an undeveloped, natural valley about 2000 feet above sea level. Due to the significant change in temperature from morning until night, year-round fog, humid temperatures, and permeable soils result in the ideal location for farming the finest tea leaves. Our Matcha Face Love is a one-of-a-kind face cream made with love in Colorado from globally sourced ingredients, including our organic Japanese matcha and fruit stem cell extract, to address the signs of aging, reduce inflammation, and restore your skin's radiance. Our all-natural, non-toxic toothpaste TEA-th Love is formulated with baking soda for removing stains, coconut oil to inhibit bacterial growth, and green tea extract to protect against gingivitis and gum disease.

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