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Subliminator is a print-on-demand company that specializes in all-over printed cut & sew clothing. With over 70 products from our product catalog, our merchants can completely design and customize the garments to their liking with no upfront cost. Once they've finished designing, Subliminator takes care of everything - printing, cutting, and sewing your products before shipping them on your behalf.

How does Subliminator work
Every order a customer places from your store which was created with the Subliminator App is automatically synced with us. We will then automatically process, print, cut, sew and ship it to your customer. We'll even notify your customers with the tracking details for their orders.

Why choose Subliminator
Because we manufacture our products in our factory in China we are able to provide you with the lowest product cost available while maintaining the highest quality possible compared to our European and American competitors.

We are also constantly looking to expand our product offering by making sure we give you the highest profits possible on each of our products without compromising on quality.

And when it comes to shipping we are second to none! We only use the best shipping providers, where you can choose to ship a product with regular shipping, or you can upgrade it using our Express shipping option.

You decide your profit
We charge you the bare minimum to cover the cost of production and the product. Then you set your end price, and what's left is your profit. Your end price will depend on what you and your customers think is fair.

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