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With $2 M revenue in the past 12 months, and a strong presense on Amazon, Ora's Amazing HerbaI is looking to grow in the area of online and brick and mortar wholesale partnership oppornutnities that do not include Amazon. We are brand registered and do not authorize other Amazon sellers, as our product quality and customer service are our top priority. Please stop by our booth to see, feel and smell our Amazing products. We address natural skincare needs of those with eczema, tattoo aftercare, talc free body powders, baby care, facecare and more. 

I was a stay at home mom, with degrees in biology and nutrition, and all was well and peachy in the land. Until, my youngest developed eczema; the kind of eczema that makes the child miserable all day and keeps the whole family awake at night.

I contacted a number of the naturopaths from my graduate school, Bastyr University, and they each had the same recommendations. Eliminate dairy, and make an herbal salve!

Under their ongoing consult, I did some research of my own and developed my first salve.

Even though I already knew that herbs work, even I was Amazed at how effective it was in soothing my daughters itchy, inflamed, and miserable skin!

Making A Jar Of Salve Is Like Making A Bowl Of Soup. You Can't Really Make Just One,

You may as well make a whole pot, and you may as well share it. So that is what I did. I began giving salve as gifts to my children’s teachers, friends, etc and soon enough people were asking me to make more … and offering me money for it!

This was the beginning of Ora's Amazing Herbal. That first salve, Touchy Skin Salve is still our top seller today.

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