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Harmon Brothers Consulting, led by Chris Stroud, is a consulting division partnered with the award-winning Harmon Brothers ad agency. Each year, HBC actively audits, monitors, and assists on more than 1-2 billion in revenues. This year alone, HBC will audit more than 500 different brands in the US, Israel, Australia, Europe, Canada, and more.

Due to this extraordinarily unique vantage point, Chris Stroud and HBC have been able to crack the code on some of the hardest and most difficult eCommerce challenges facing companies today.

In this masterclass session, Chris Stroud will lead an intense evaluation and instructional forum around (a) present and existing challenges in new customer acquisition, (b) the critical tactics to overcome said challenges, and (c) the necessary and foolproof nature of specific key KPI’s necessary to create explosive growth for any company in eCommerce today.

Last year alone, HBC contributed to more than $150M in eCommerce growth. In the past 8 years, Harmon Brothers has helped raise 5 unicorns—yes, that's 5 companies with a BILLION dollar valuation, with at least 6 more right on the cusp.

As the Chief Strategic Officer, Chris Stroud has reviewed, managed, audited, negotiated on, and led development on more than 100,000 campaigns since 2009. His game-changing tactics around Core 7, MAT Positioning, Shopper Acquisition, Dual Marketing Budget platforms, Holistic Attribution, and much, much more have led companies large and small to significant and profitable growth.

This session will be intense. You will be challenged in your eCommerce comprehension. You will walk away with a completely different perspective and rule set as you are equipped to change course and move more aggressively into the future. This session will spend a considerable amount of time focused on new customer/user acquisition.

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