BLUNA by Kotodo

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BLUNA by Kotodo

We provide a stylish and versatile canister :TYTE
Airtight, Smell-proof, Decorative and Durable. 
This stash canister was designed specifically to store and keep cannabis fresh longer. And this sleek canister is perfect for storing cannabis flowers, hemp,herb, teas and tobacco. With this in mind, the lid was designed to be difficult for children to open for their safety.

TYTE is the perfect product for adults who want to keep their stash at home or take it for traveling. However, TYTE is especially helpful for those who need to hide the canister's contents and store their cannabis flowers safely away from their children. To meet this need, we created the TYTE canister with a safety feature for children that will keep buds fresh with style and, most importantly, safe.

Designed and Produced in Japan
BLUNA is a new subsidiary of Kotodo Takahashi Corporation that has been producing hand-made tea canisters in Japan since 1910.

Quality and Authenticity
We take pride in our company's profound history of unequaled service, exquisite craftsmanship, and culture of honesty. We are a company that finds fulfillment in bringing joy to our customers by creating masterpieces through the traditional skills of our craftsmen that have been refined for over 110 years.

TYTE, our finest, airtight canisters are the result of our hard work, passion, and determination. We're truly excited to offer a product with such high demand that represents the fusion of Kotodo traditional values and our modern society.

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