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At bilubah, we take care of brands on Amazon. Straight and simple, we have an in-depth knowledge of Amazon and provide that expertise for your brand development. Most people think Amazon is for sales. We know Amazon is for marketing. Amazon is the fastest growing marketing channel, with ad revenue increase seven times that of Google year over year. Its ads income is already a third of Google's. More than half of consumers search for products on Amazon even when buying in bricks and mortar stores. So, don't mess with your brand's presence on Amazon. Take full control of your products and brand on Amazon by becoming your exclusive seller. Thanks to our Brand Management service, you can do it now. No need to develop all the expertise required by the complexity of the marketplace. You can count on us. We support you in creating the seller account, enrolling your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry, and streamlining your supply chain. We optimize your listings, create your Brand Store, A+ content, and run effective and efficient ad campaigns. You will no more experience MAP violations and gain in-depth marketing insights. We perform all the daily routines to maintain your account's health and maximize your customers' experience. We charge a percentage fee on your monthly sales, so our performance drives our earnings. You will increase your profit. Even considering our fee, directly selling provides more margin, and your Amazon presence will take the shape you want.

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