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Located on the coast of Malibu, Coastline Farms CBD started when the Founder began searching for ways to help his family and people everywhere who struggle with sleep and anxiety. Coastline’s Founder discovered that CBD was the solution and became determined to create his own line of CBD products. Thus, Coastline Farms CBD was born. Our mission is to help real people find real products to gain real results. Our goal was to provide people with an all-natural, healthy, safe and non-addictive CBD product to aid in natural sleep and reduction of anxiety. The use of medication, traditional sleep aids and other substances are usually addictive, negatively impacting people’s overall health and daily functioning even though, they might not recognize their impact. The Founder’s goal is to share his knowledge, experience and make sure customers are aware of exactly what is going in their body. From the beginning, Coastline Farms has taken a family approach, which all started with his aunt and her inability to get a restful and restorative night’s sleep. We do not and would not support, endorse or sell a product that did not have beneficial proven results, was not all-natural or we have not tried ourselves. We are extremely proud to say our product was designed here in Malibu, California with all our ingredients locally sourced and everything down to the label is manufactured in the US. The details and quality of our product are beyond important to us, so we use one of the only FDA-Registered and NSF-Approved Facilities in the United States.

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