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Global Expansion is the only cure for brands that are being unable to hit their growth goal, both for sourcing and selling on different marketplaces. But this requires strong e-commerce operational knowledge, a good technical and logistics infrastructure. Biggbrands  provides IOR/SOR services that can help both e-commerce aggregators and brands to expand into foreign markets without the need for capital investments and local expertise. 

Biggbrands is perfecty located to help your brand in expanding and sourcing. 

New Sourcing Destination: Turkiye

Biggbrands stands out as the premier BRAND DEVELOPER AND AGGREGATOR in Turkey, commanding a significant presence with an extensive portfolio of over 10 private label brands and serving as the proud representative of 110+ high-quality Turkish brands on the global e-commerce stage. Our commitment to delivering top-notch, competitively priced products positions us as a reliable source for retailers across diverse categories. Moreover, we specialize in crafting distinctive private label solutions, empowering individuals and businesses alike to establish or fortify their brand identity.

In a dynamically shifting landscape marked by global events impacting trade, Turkey emerges as a strategic manufacturing hub, strategically positioned in proximity to the world's largest markets. At Biggbrands, we leverage this advantageous position and manufacturing prowess to meet the evolving needs and requirements of retailers worldwide.

With our unwavering dedication, comprehensive product offerings, and a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics of global commerce, Biggbrands is more than just a business entity – we are your reliable, steadfast sourcing partner, ready to navigate the complexities of the market and contribute to the success of your ventures.