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E-commerce sales have continued to rise over the last few years, every year at a higher peak than the previous. Last year Amazon.com reported over 280 billion dollars of sales in 2019. 

Now, more than ever, individuals are looking to make an additional income by having an online business. Questions arise when joining the E-commerce market. How do I get started? What do I sell? Where can I sell? How much can I possibly make? These questions are all answered when working with our company. Not only can we help answer all of these simple questions, but we can also help you create a 98% passive stream of income leveraging online businesses, and what better platform to do it on than the number one e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon.com!

AmazonAutomation.com is an E-commerce based company that is completely revolutionizing the way people approach selling on the internet. We are a group of high-level Amazon sellers that allow every day individuals just like you to own a profitable e-commerce business on Amazon.com. The best part is that you can get started without going through any kind of learning curve or having to do any of the day-to-day tasks that it takes to run one of these massive online businesses!

54% of Amazon sellers are third party sellers selling products on Amazon.com, just like us! We run YOUR new or aged store on Amazon.com and fully handle: Product Research, Listing New Winning Products, Customer Service, Inventory Management, Accounting, Order Fulfillment, Account Health, Tracking Code Uploading, Refunds/Returns, Tax Exemption, Monthly Profit Reports, Scaling The Business and much more.