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I’ve always enjoyed music festivals and being immersed in the PLUR community that is very much accepting of cannabis. In fact it was a trip to Colorado in 2017 to attend Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party and a pre-roll which sparked my inspiration for the chill stone and JTT Accessories. I realized how many people were passing around joints and I started to think about all the germs that were being passed as well, but my pre-roll came with a removable tip. I could take it off before passing it, but it wasn’t meant to be reused. This prompted me to look for a better solution to keep us as germ free as possible while we're consuming. A mouth guard.

That night I couldn’t sleep. I stayed up thinking about the possible impact I could have in this industry. I also looked at it as a new business opportunity. I began researching immediately. I found that glass would be the most sustainable. You can reuse it, it’s hypoallergenic and more sanitary than other smoking accessory materials for flower consumption. I wanted the sleekness of a chillum, but the functionality of a smoke stone. Hence the name mashup. The chill stone serves a dual purpose as a joint holder and one hitter. It can be worn or tucked away.

Today I have my chill stone and I’m currently developing different economically and financially sustainable options for my audience. A silicone version. In the age of COVID, my germs fears have manifested and re-confirmed I was on the right path years ago.

I’d love to connect with more manufacturers, smoke shops, anyone interested in wholesaling and white labeling. My ultimate goal is to have chill stones in smoke shops and cannabis events across the world.

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